Happiness….Don’t let others Dim your light

May you ALL shine brightly today with Happiness…..be who you are, be who you are destined to be…..greatness comes from within……enjoy life to the fullest, do the thing you’ve always wanted to do, do the things that make YOU happy!!


What are your hopes and dreams in life??? Reach for them, make them happen…..NEVER let everyday life get in the way of your Happiness……NEVER let anyone discourage you from Your own Happiness!!!! Who cares what others say or think!!! This is YOUR LIFE…..you are the one living it!!!!


Why NOT have some fun, why NOT reach for your Hopes and Dreams, why NOT try new things, why NOT meet new people, why NOT travel and why NOT LIVE your life while being Happy?!?!?! Do NOT let others drag you down with their words, their actions and their Negativity!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday……Thank You for reading my thoughts….Robin Robinson


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