Support…Give and/or Receive

Be thankful for the people you have or have had in your life….these are the people who have or will help hold you up when you need it the most! You cannot always do everything by yourself and sometimes it takes a caring person to help you realize that you really are struggling and NOT just “Okay” like you are telling or showing everyone!


Often we take our loved ones for granted or are taken for granted ourselves but by being there, being supportive regardless and by trying to make light of every situation it can help someone more than we may ever know!! Never take anyone for granted, always cherish having them in your life!! If they have passed on or if things changed and they are NO longer in your life just remember and be thankful that they touched you, helped you and were once there for you or be thankful that you were there for them when they needed it and that you helped them…..sometimes things are way beyond our control but by being supportive unconditionally can go a long ways.


Stay Positive, Be Positive, Be Encouraging and Always Be Supportive!!! If someone offers to help, to be there for you…..swallow a little bit of your pride and accept it, let someone help take some of your pain away by sharing what you are struggling with, allow yourself to work on healing YOU!!! If you offer to help someone, to be there for them then DO just that!! Do NOT push them, do NOT judge them, do NOT belittle them…….be there for them unconditionally, you are there to help and to guide as needed or wanted!! Having even just ONE supportive person in one’s life can make a world of difference!!!


Being Supportive or by having someone in your life that Supports you can make the Heart feel good, can make life more bearable, can help give you a bigger purpose in life, can mean the difference between happiness or sadness…….before you judge, before you open your mouth with your own opinions…..take a moment and think about what you are about to say. Are you being supportive even though it’s something they may not want to hear but need to, are you being supportive and caring or are you being judgmental and hurtful without meaning?!?!?! Being Supportive is NOT all about you or all about them but rather just being there for moral support……physically, mentally and spiritually as needed.

Thank you everyone who has ever supported me and been there for me throughout my life, sometimes it’s the moral support that helps me get through the day!! 😊 Thank you for reading my thoughts and I hope you have a wonderful day…..Robin Robinson


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