Wolf Creek Golf Club….2-9-15 Part 2

Wolf Creek Golf Club Part 2…..more of my personal pictures, experience and information.  Some of the information about Wolf Creek, I borrowed from their website. It is a beautiful course and if you ever find yourself in Mesquite, Nevada, I highly recommend bringing or renting some clubs and trying the course out for yourself, it is a public course!!! It’s also wonderful during the winter when it’s super cold at home and you can golf in shorts and a collared tank top because there’s always sunshine in Mesquite!!IMG_0312 IMG_0318 IMG_0319Wolf Creek Golf Club was opened in 2000. It is a Par-72, 7018 yard layout that challenges players of any ability!! Do NOT be intimidated by the beauty and the fact that it is has been ranked #48 of the top golf courses to be played, it has been ranked #2 or #3 for 11 years in a row for Nevada courses, Wall Street Journal Europe named Wolf Creek #10 in the World to play, it was also one of a few featured on Tiger Woods 2008 video game……..this is just a few of the achievements of this course.  Do NOT be intimidated….it is worth every minute of golfing on the course even if you are a beginner!!  I am still somewhat of a beginner, didn’t beat myself up too badly, took a couple of mulligans (far less than the two men I was golfing with) and enjoyed every minute of it!!!

IMG_0335 IMG_0334 IMG_0331 IMG_0338

Wolf Creek is not only the ultimate golf experience, but also an 18-hole roller coaster ride over, around and through the canyons of Mesquite.  Lush green fairways wind through the rugged desert terrain and elevated tee boxes greet players with immaculate views of the course.

IMG_0315 IMG_0333 IMG_5740 IMG_5743

My Pictures really Do Not do Wolf Creek Golf Club justice…….it is such a beautiful course, well taken care of, well layed out and such beauty around each bend, through all of the ups and downs and dog legs left and right!!!!!!

There was 4 of us there for our first experience with this course.  One has golfed since he was little (approx. 30 yrs. off and on and in High School), two of us have golfed some but still more on the beginner side than intermediate and the fourth person has never golfed or been on a course before so she was there for moral support (more like giggles and entertainment at our expense).  We all had a great time, will gladly play this course again, will highly recommend and be back NOT soon enough!!!!!

IMG_5731 IMG_5749 IMG_5752

Have you golfed here? I would be interested in hearing what others thought of the course and if you are Pro, Intermediate, beginners, etc. with your experience and overall thoughts of the course.  I hope you have enjoyed my pictures, my thoughts about the Course and a little bit about Wolf Creek Golf Club in Mesquite, NV!!! Below are just a few more pictures of the course out of my favorites!!

IMG_0339 IMG_0349  IMG_0351

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