Never too late….Hug, Love & Smile

It’s never too late to give someone a hug, to tell someone that you love them……memories are what we are left with, make them count!!!! Make someone smile, make sure to say I Love You’s, give hugs, call just to say Hi……do these things and do them often!!!! You never know when it may be too late!! NEVER assume that someone knows you still care, show them and say it…….

20150225-123234.jpgDo it for your own happiness and well being and for the happiness of others….you may NOT talk to someone you LOVE because of something that happened in the past but that doesn’t mean you don’t still love them and care from them…..reach out, make someone’s day, do your heart good and share your love and let others know you love them!!! Take a chance, if you get rejected at least you tried and cannot regret NOT trying!!! It hurts my heart something heavy knowing some family members that do not talk but yet love each other because they cannot let go of what was said in the past….pride, stubbornness, or not wanting to admit either was wrong are all so petty in my eyes as one day, either on their death bed or after one has passed away they will regret the time that has past, the memories left unmade, the love and happiness that should have been shared….but instead all this slipped away. Often in these situations it is NOT just the ones who do not speak that are affected but also the loved ones around them that miss out on good times and precious memories too!!!!!

20150225-125203.jpgTime is so precious, please don’t have regrets……I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope that my posts don’t offend anyone but rather help, uplift and maybe even make you smile!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson😊


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