Happiness & Success…..Letting go of the Past

Happiness & Success are up to you…..through all the struggles and wrong turns LEARN, GROW & PERSEVERE!!! Let go of what has happened in the past, it is done and over with and creates bitterness & negativity!

20150224-174336.jpgDo NOT allow the past and negatives to consume you, do NOT get stuck in the past, do NOT dwell on what has already happened, do NOT over think and beat yourself up about things that you cannot change or take back!!

20150224-175023.jpgLetting go creates more opportunities within you, more opportunities to grow, to give you strength from what you’ve learned and been through, it gives you a sense of relief and does your heart and soul good…….Happiness is up to you, Letting Go is up to you, Being a Better Person is up to you…..DO NOT Blame others as the choice is all YOURS……..Hope you have a wonderful day!! Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson 😊


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