Just A Winter Day in Montana

It is time I get back to sharing some of my picture & adventures again.  I was bored and felt the need to get outside even though the temperature was 20 degrees, it’s been snowing off and on with some fog and it was just about dusk!


Driving down an old dirt road towards the river I couldn’t help but go slow and roll my window down to admire the beauty and snap a few pictures of the cows. They seemed curious about me as I stopped and talked with them.


The river is always beautiful. I cannot help but take pictures of the snow, ice, water and even the trees and blades of brown grass with the river in the background.

IMG_0178 IMG_0192IMG_0197

It is so quiet and peaceful out here by myself……a calming feeling. I sure love being able to enjoy the great outdoors anytime I want.  Montana sure is a beautiful state!!


IMG_0196   IMG_0188 IMG_0180                                                                                              I hope you have enjoyed these few pictures of my piece of Heaven here in Montana. As you can see from a couple of the pictures it will soon be calving season!

The END….hehehe, couldn’t resist this last picture!!



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