Consuming us, taking up negative space within us….this sums up some of my thoughts for the past couple of days………

It’s amazing how we can let things that have happened in the past regardless of how long ago including within just a few days or hours consume us!!

Consume our thoughts, consume our feelings, consume us that it makes us miserable, negative, grumpy & start to hate ourselves!!

Regardless of the situation, regardless of what has happened or been said, control yourself….your emotions & thoughts. Remind yourself that it is beyond your control. You can try to improve or fix any situation….but, ultimately, “The only thing you can control is yourself!!!!”

At times it is a constant battle but it can be overcome and become easier.

Remember that sometimes when people are unhappy in life they want to bring you down with them. Sometimes it makes other people feel better to make others miserable regardless wether they realize it or not!! Sometimes, we ourselves are guilty of this.

I’ve learned that the best thing to do is rise above, keep your chin up, stay positive, be yourself, allow yourself to push the negatives away………it will either drive people nuts or they will start to follow and change by your example. (Sometimes easier said to do than done.)



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