What Matters Most…….

You Laugh, You Cry, You Worry, You Rejoice, You have Bad Memories, You have Good Memories…….but through it ALL what matters most is your Loved Ones…..wether by blood, marriage or just friendship……it’s these people NOT material things that matter most……..the ONLY thing you take to the grave is the Memories you shared & the Love In Your Heart!!!!! Take time to enjoy your Loved Ones, you never know just when it may be your last………but remember, they will always be with you, they will always be in YOUR HEART!!!! Luv to you ALL, Courage & Strength to those who need it, Great Big Hugs to those that are Hurting and need one & to Everyone, I wish you Peace from Within…….Sincerely, Robin Robinson


Lemons & Thoughts

Life isn’t always easy….”Some say when Life hands you lemons, make Lemonade.” Well, I actually love Lemonade, especially freshly squeezed, maybe a splash or two of alcohol doesn’t hurt!! Things could always be worse, for some people things are worse!!! Be grateful for the things & people in your life despite what else may be going on in your everyday life. In the end it’s your loved ones that matter, NOT the materialistic things!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!