Honor………at a Small Town Parade

***This is from the Ravalli County Fair Parade 2014 in Hamilton, Montana

…..this man & picture moved me and deserves a post of it’s own!*** THANK YOU VERY MUCH Sir, for your Service & Dedication……..You Honoring our FALLEN SOLDIERS while wearing your Uniform and holding our American Flag means a lot to many people and was very moving. Sir, I am one that you touched deeply without saying a word as I am in tears just posting this, Thank You Very Much for your Service, Robin RobinsonĀ 



Spoiled and/or Pampered?!?!??

Once again I have my 4 year old neice! She always has to take a shower, change her clothes and get her hair done shortly after she arrives in the morning!! She never has fun here and is never spoiled!! Today has been nothing different, well except…..once I finished doing her hair she said

Now I need a foot massage, once I’m done brushing my teeth.

LOL I just couldn’t say no as she’s so stinking cute and I have been raising 3 boys who are now 16,17 & 20!!! šŸ˜‰ She grabbed her chair and I hooked her up!!! Happy Friday!!


Morning Walk – through the Woods & to the River

Montana’s Bitterroot River is beautiful any time of year!! Here’s a few pics to share of our walk through the woods and at the river…..the puppies were playful and enjoying every minute of it………








All By Myself…….

All By Myself…….yesterday I rode my pink motorcycle, all by myself………I rode up Skalkaho a little then rode back on Golf Course Rd, all by myself………I went on a few busier roads and not just the back roads, all by myself…….I went 55 mph, all by myself…….I didn’t kill the engine and did great stopping and turning, all by myself……..I rode for a whole hour, all by myself………I got stung by a bee twice, all by myself……………I just felt the need to share!!!! As I was almost back to the shop I felt a bug fly up my left sleeve jacket, as I was turning and parking I felt a sharp pinch/sting and immediately unzipped and took my jacket off, as I’m pulling my sleeve off I felt it again…..yep, stung twice!!!! I’m wearing my leather jacket for extra protection, maybe I need to put rubber bands over my cuffs if I’m not wearing gloves!!!! LOL Definitely feeling accomplished and proud of myself!!!


a Mother and a Wife 8-5-14

Worry worry worry, sigh sigh sigh……does a mother ever not worry and what about a wife???

This question has an answer, as it’s truly yes and no……

Worry worry worry, sigh sigh sigh……as I know my calling, it’s being a mother and a wife!!!

Robin Robinson 8-5-14

8-4-14 Sunset

Sitting on the back porch listening to the beautiful sound of the leaves waving ever so effortlessly in the breeze…….the neighboring pastures sprinklers are clicking continuously yet almost silently in the background…….the dogs panting heavily but yet so softly from playing……..the occasional squawking of the magpies from the trees over yonder………the sunset hidden behind the clouds and slight smokey haze beyond the mountains and out of reach……..part of the sky fiery like the sunrise this morning……..the silence of sitting here alone…………







Coffee, Sunrise & A Skull on Fire???? 8-4-14

A beautiful Montana Sunrise…….a cup of Coffee & then a Skull on Fire?!?!? As I sat on the front porch enjoying the sunrise with my coffee I wanted to take a few pics to share…..then the sun disappeared behind the clouds and I wanted a little sun in the picture!! Call me crazy but I ended up with a skull on fire in the clouds!!! See what ya think……am I crazy or can you see it too????? Happy Monday Everyone….