Inner Strength

Inner Strength—Something that we all have within us and something that helps give us Courage & Strength. When combined with our own Willpower anything is possible!!! We may still struggle, we may still stumble along the way and the path we choose may not be the easiest road to travel…..but…..ALL things are possible!!!!! Lord, please help us ALL to find our Inner Strength this Monday, some will need it more than others!!! —— Sending everyone near and far the Best “Good Vibes” that I can for a wonderful Monday and an even better week!!!!


How do you travel with a St. Bernard?

I have fallen behind on my posting but hope to get caught up in the next week or so on some of my adventures and random things!!! Here’s one from today…..sorry the picture isn’t very good as I barely figured out what was in this guys trunk as he was leaving the parking lot and used my phone camera………How do you travel and shop with a sedan and a St. Bernard?? Apparently you put everything from Home Depot in the back seat and the St. Bernard in the trunk!!!!