First PAR ever!!!!

Yeah!! Another great day of golf and I just got my first PAR ever!! Oh yeah….lovin’ the game right now…..of course, things could change but today has been one of the best rounds ever for me!!! My daddy would be proud!! I never had the opportunity to golf with dad (due to my never learning till just a few years ago) but he loved the game & loved to play!!! The Ranch Club in Missoula, MT is a beautiful challenging course that’s open to the public but sort of a

best kept secret





Seahawks Represented In Missoula, MT

OMG!!! I’m kicking myself for not asking for a name but I just saw another Seahawks Golf bag………I make a comment because mine is the only Seahawks bag I’ve ever seen…….ha!!!! Her husband played for them in the 80’s and then went and watched them play in the Super Bowl!!! Oh, yeah baby……we are representing at The Ranch Club, Missoula, MT!!!!!! Now it’s time for another 9 holes after already playing 18!!!!!!