First Motorcycle Trip – Day 1 – 5/16/14

The excitement of being on the open road for our First Road Trip was almost unbearable and sleep the night before was restless!! Our bag was packed and in the Yukon, trailer was loaded with Aunt Carlene’s Harley Trike and Billy’s Harley that we’re being towed to Billing, MT for a Memorial Ride on Saturday (our first ever). Our friends Billy & Karen we’re going with us and driving the Yukon with Aunt Carlene.20140607-085332-32012017.jpg20140607-085331-32011331.jpg
And we were off just needed to stop and pick up Aunt Carlene and Bobbie T along the way, Bobbie T is riding too!20140607-085739-32259639.jpg

And we are officially on our way with everyone!!! Billings here we come!!!!

20140607-085922-32362650.jpg<br /
Here's a few pictures that I took along the way using my phone from the back of our Indian!!!!





As we got close we stopped off and met up with Bobbie T’s brother who joined us for the rest of our ride to Billings and Aunt Carlene hopped on behind Bobbie T and rode the rest of the way!!!!!! br />

We made it safe and sound to Billings!!! We had beautiful weather the entire ride!! Our 2014 Indian Chieftain rode beautifully and was smooth and enjoying and handled better (according to my husband) than he could have imagined!!! The throttle lock (cruise control) made the long ride easier and more relaxing without having his hand cramping or getting tired from holding the throttle. I must admit that the stereo was awesome, my husband hooked up his phone and we listened to his preprogrammed Motorcycle Trip music using ITunes and I caught myself singing a few times on the open road from the back of our Indian!! 🙂

My next post will be on Day 2 – the Memorial run

In May For Kay

……….there was over 100 motorcycles and 4 MC (motorcycle) Clubs represented!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my post……Robin Robinson


Cinco de Mayo 2014

Just a relaxing day…..

20140505-222024.jpg We went to one if the local parks today and wandered by the river….

20140505-222126.jpg Shadow had a blast enjoying running around and exploring……..

20140505-222228.jpg Shadow even ventured and fell into a deep little reservoir…….she was a cute wet puppy!!!!

20140505-222419.jpg Shadow even crossed her first sketchy log……..

20140505-222517.jpg then a beautiful sunset to end the day…..


Dandelions here & Dandelions there….

Spring is here and the yellow dandelions have sprung……. The field is loaded with these annoying weeds to some and food, herbs or even wine to others……


After the rain topped and the sun came out this afternoon I enjoyed some dogs and me time in the yellow field. I could not help but take a few photos……

20140504-212117.jpg The picture above is of my young pup Shadow eagerly awaiting for Blue to come near……..

20140504-212240.jpg I even found a few bees out and about collecting pollen…….

20140504-212344.jpg Up close the dandelion resembles a Teddy bear mum or a spider mum or just a regular mum……so beautiful for a pesky week that annoys me…….




20140504-212643.jpg I hope that everyone else has had a beautiful, wonderful day………..remember to stop and look, stop and enjoy the little, simple things in life!!!!