Selfie w/ The Pups????!!!!???

So I thought I’d try taking a Selfie with Blue and my new puppy Shadow…..this was much easier said than done!!!

20140407-165635.jpg As I sat on the ground next to a great big tractor tire I called both dogs over…….I can easily hold the pup but getting her to sit still long enough and not lick, chew & paw/claw at my face was a different story…………

20140407-170054.jpg And then there’s the 5 year old Blue, he just wants to play fetch and trying to get him to pose also proved a bit difficult as all he’d do was lick my face as if I hadn’t washed my face after eating bone-in ribs!!!!!!

20140407-170416.jpg However, I did manage to get a couple of selfies with them individually…….


20140407-170556.jpg Maybe in the next month or two I can capture a better photo with them both!!!!! I so love, the love of dogs……it is always unconditional and always brings a smile to my face and great joy to my heart!!!! 😃 I wish everyone a wonderful day!!!!>


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