Tuesdays Frost – Turns To Sunshine……April 29, 2014

The morning walk in the field was a bit cool and frosty….

20140429-131335.jpg After a couple of hours the frost was gone and the sun was bright…..

20140429-131633.jpg The puppies as always were enjoying the slightly warmer weather…..

20140429-131745.jpg We sure do live in a beautiful Valley here in Montana…….

20140429-132211.jpg May everyone have a wonderful Tuesday!!!


Motivational Monday – April 28, 2014

Good Monday, may it be as wonderful as you make it to be…..

20140428-104026.jpg May we all remember to enjoy the simple things in life, learn from our mistakes, learn to say I’m sorry, always hug the ones we love, always tell them that we love them and most importantly…..live with No Regrets………
Wishing everyone a Great Monday!!!

Robin Robinson


Scratch on a Morning Walk…..

My morning walk started out like any other……beautiful but cloudy, raindrops all over everything………

20140426-085203.jpg I even found the first Spring Tulip……

20140426-085330.jpg The mountains are beautiful with some fresh snow from the night……

20140426-085533.jpg Here comes the cat like clock work….she joins the dogs and I and then wants up for luvin’s…..however, I want to get a picture but need to move closer to the fence first………..she has a different idea as I am walking fast to avoid her…..

20140426-090819.jpg As my back was to the cat she leapt onto my back with her front paws landing just below the tops of my shoulders….needless to say all 4 paws and all of her claws!!! In the past she jumps up but never while I’m walking!!! LOL She just wanted to be held and loved on…

20140426-091424.jpg She can’t help but be loveable……

20140426-091624.jpg I did however still get the picture I wanted, even with her on my back as I was hunched over like a Hunchback!!!

20140426-091815.jpg The cat…..was correctly named by my son a few years ago “Scratch“!!!! >

Lucky Tuesday

I’m wishing and hoping that everyone has a lucky Tuesday…….sometimes things just happen, other times it’s up to you to make it happen!!!

20140415-084208.jpg Luck happens in many different ways…….sometimes, you are just lucky in all the positive things in your life, the loved ones in your life & just lucky to be alive!! Enjoy your day and may it be a lucky one!!!!