Puppy Love

A Love like no other!!!
Always there when you need them,
Always there to protect you,
Always there when your pissed at the world,
Always there when you need a shoulder to cry on,

Always there even after you yell at them,
Always there when you need a kiss,
Always there when you need a friend,
Always there to cheer you up,
Always there regardless of what’s going in in the world,
Always there……..
A Love like noother,
Puppy Love




Simple Things on a Tuesday

The cover photo is the beautiful start to this chilly Montana Tuesday morning!! It is my view from the East at a little after 8am……..and below is the view from the West…..

Don’t forget to enjoy the simple things each and every day!! All too often we get wrapped up in the rat race of our daily lives and forget the little simple things!!!!

It’s the simple things that fill our hearts and make us smile the most!!! Enjoy who you are, who you have become, what you have and where you are in life!!! It’s the simple things that make us Happy!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

A Sunday ride – March 16, 2014

What a beautiful day for a ride!!! It was however extremely windy but it was still a nice little ride!!

We haven’t gone too far from home yet. It is still a little early in the riding season and Aunt Carlene still needs to finish tweaking the Trike to make it easier and more comfortable for her. I do think that the handle bars and mirrors are finally perfect! 🙂

I decided to be Blue, it’s my Blue and White hat that I made with two tassels on the top…..when we ride or it’s real windy they flap in the wind!! 🙂 The picture below is our shadow and it shows the tassels flying in the wind! >
I decided to take a “selfie”…..not too normal for me as I’m always behind the camera but I decided to share! I think I look a little like a bug eyed goober!!!<!

Here’s a picture of Aunt Carlene in front of us……after awhile my husband decided he prefers her to ride in front of us so he doesn’t have to continuously look in his mirror checking on her!!! 🙂

What a beautiful ride!!! It so beautiful here in our part if Montana…..we are surrounded by mountains, pastures and pure beauty!!! A lot of the cattle have been calving so there’s lots of little baby calves to see on our ride!! How can a simple ride be so enjoying, so relaxing and so uplifting at the same time?!?!?!?!


At 70……The First Ride on Her Harley Davidson Trike

Saturday was the day….finally the day for Aunt Carlene to have her first ride on her Harley Trike!!!!

Before she pulled out of the shop my husband asked if she wanted to be in the lead or follow us……..

20140312-003626.jpgShe said that she would follow. But……

20140312-003713.jpgShe kept going, she slowly went past all of us, she got to the road and…….

20140312-003829.jpgShe kept going!!!! It was kinda comical, we were all surprised and a little stunned and we scrambled to get the rest of our gear on (glasses, gloves, etc) so that we could catch up to her!!! 🙂

20140312-004024.jpgWe all caught up to her!!!! It appeared she was enjoying herself thoroughly!!! Not too bad for a 70 year old!!!!


20140312-004205.jpgIt was just a short little joy ride for the first time but it most certainly won’t be the last one!!!



YOLO??? Why worry???

YOLO is an acronym for “you only live once”. Similar to carpe diem or memento mori, it implies that one should enjoy life, even if that entails taking risks……

20140304-102854.jpgSo why worry about things and people in you life that you have no control over?!?! Well, I believe it would make for happier lives, less stress, an overall better atmosphere emotionally and physically!!! But, sometimes it’s easier said than done and hard to do!! 🙂 Take it from this Zodiac sign of Cancer………after 38 years you would think I could keep it together and not bawl but at times I have NO choice!!! My emotions get the better of me no matter how hard I try!!! It is just who I am!!!

20140304-103711.jpgYou Only Live Once so try to make the most of it and not sweat or freak out at the small stuff!!! Try to live life to it’s fullest, try to enjoy and cherish the friends and family you may have as you never know when they may be gone or before you know it it will be too late to say I Love You or I’m Sorry!!

20140304-104257.jpgYOLO so starting today, try to look for the positives in life……don’t dwell on things you cannot control or change……try to find the positive thing in any and every situation!!! Make the choice to be Happier!!!!
YOLO from an emotional sappy,
Robin Robinson

Crazy Montana Winter Weather……

The difference outside from yesterday morning…..and this morning!!!


20140304-073027.jpgWhat a difference but boy was it raining something fierce last night and the wind was howling…….I even had to get a couple of rain buckets for inside the house!!!


20140304-073118.jpgIt has definitely been some strange weather here in our little part of the world here in Montana the past few months. We were riding Motorcycles off and on into January and with unseasonably warmer weather and no snow (30-35 + degrees)!!

20140304-073418.jpgThen a cold snap with below zero temperatures plus the windchill hit with bits of snow here and there but not much that stuck around here in the valley……until the past few weeks that is!!! We have had blizzards and avalanches with road closures all within the last 7 days!!!!

20140304-073616.jpgThe above picture is one of the snowball fight barricades that was built over the weekend by a bunch of teenagers…..it did look more impressive before the rain storm last night but this is what’s left this morning.

Yesterday our driveway and walkway was like an ice rink on top of the snow…..

20140304-074236.jpgThis morning, our driveway and walkway…….full of crunchy yet soft slush. What was hard snowpack yesterday is no more!!

20140304-074853.jpgWeather forecast for the week is rain/freezing rain the next 3 days and all week is suppose to have highs in the 40’s………..this means lots of melting!!! This morning March 4, 2013 approx. 7am temperature on our deck….

20140304-075113.jpgThere may be some motorcycle riding in the near future if this warmth keeps up…….,maybe this weekend or next week…..we shall see!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day……..Spring and Summer will soon be here!!!