Is there still time????

Why wait to fix the wrongs in your life, why wait to try and mend things between loved ones?? No matter who was at fault, no matter who you believe was right or wrong someday it will be too late and you will find yourself with regret and saying “I wish I had…..”

Right here……as of right now you still have time!!! Don’t let it slip away by waiting too long!!

My random feelings for today….
Robin Robinson


Choosing Happiness

Words well spoken…..I just wish it was as easy as speaking the words!!!

It’s time to take back our lives and enjoy the little things!!! Why waste negative energy that makes you miserable when we still have SO many positives in our lives!!


What makes you happy?

What makes you happy today? What made you happy yesterday? What will make you happy tomorrow?

What made you happy today may not make you happy tomorrow. What made you happy yesterday may not make you happy today or tomorrow. What may make you happy tomorrow may not have made you happy today or yesterday!

Just a few simple words to think about…………any thoughts???

A few simple words by Robin Robinson

Goals & Ambitions in Life…..

Sometimes when it seems our goals or our ambitions in life are starting to drift away……………

Take a step back, pause a moment and think about what you have been doing to achieve these! Have you really been doing something every day/week or have you been caught up again in the daily routine of life??

There are times when it seems hopeless and it seems impossible but you must never give up!!! Whatever is holding you back, whatever has gotten in your way is just another bump in the road. A bump that’s there for a reason…..what’s the reason? You may never figure it out or you will someday or you may just look at it as a learning experience.

An experience you can learn from, an experience you never want to repeat or an experience that changed things for the positive. Whatever the experience is……….it is something in your life that makes you who you are!!!!


Don’t let your Goals & Ambitions in life slip away!

Life’s too short to always be caught up in everyday life……don’t forget to take time to dream about what you want out of life and then work on achieving it!!!!
Robin Robinson

Being Kind????

Sometimes I wish being kind was always easy!!! I try to be nice and kind all the time but sometimes I do struggle with some people!!!! Here’s to hoping everyone a wonderful day and let’s see how many times we can smile in the next week and be kind, be the better person and act as though they don’t irritate you!!!

Vegas – Day Four

Ahhhh……day 4 was a bit more relaxing and less walking!! We hung at the hotel more than not. We did wander out to eat brunch under the Eiffel Tower and then went back to the Flamingo. Later in the evening we walked across the street to the Bellagio and wandered in it and then watched two of the water shows out front then once again returned to the hotel. Just a slow paced day! 🙂

Here’s a couple of pictures from lunch, we at at the Paris Hotel again outside in the beautiful sunshine under the Eiffel Tower!! The little finches were there again waiting for crumbs. I didn’t get more pictures as they were all on the other side of the table but they did fly overhead a little and close to us, kinda like a flyby to check out the food!!! 🙂


Here’s some photos from the Bellagio Hotel….I love the inside garden area where they always have thousands of fresh flowers and plants throughout. They also have the largest chocolate fountain with white, dark and milk chocolate. Unfortunately, my phone died so I didn’t get to take pictures of the fountain except the one when we were walking across the foot bridge to the hotel!! 😦










Here’s a few pictures from the Flamingo outside at night, a couple are just the views but a couple others are the pool area (all but one were closed and empty) & the wedding chapel areas…..





This was our lazy 4th day in Vegas… is Day 5, we were up super early to make it 2 hours before out flight……they started to get us ready and prepared and then everyone started getting texts that we were delayed till noon!!! It appears our flight crew is shy two Stewarts and they are trying to fix the problem ASAP so we may be able to leave earlier so do NOT wander far or for very long!! WOW!!! I’d rather be delayed on the way home then on the way here since there is only one flight in and out from home!!! Will post more of our adventures from Vegas after we return home!!