Adult Stress ???!!!???


My neice had been enjoying the mud puddle while throwing the broken ball for Blue.

Oh, to have the life of a youngster again when all you had to worry about was who you were going to play with on the monkey bars………..growing up is so NOT what any of us had in mind!!  I really thought that growing up and being responsible was gonna be easy……boy, did I have some fantasies!!!! STRESS, what is stress and who needs it???


Don’t sweat the big or small stuff in life……what happens happens……there is very little in life that we can control……most of what happens in our lives is just another road we must travel that has an occasional bump or fork in the road!!!


Life is way too short to let STRESS run or ruin your life…….don’t dwell on the negatives, be thankful for what you HAVE……love your friends and family, cherish every moment…….let them know that you actually DO care…..regardless of your current situation or relationship with them………don’t ever let pride get in the way!!!!  You’re loved ones may NOT be here tomorrow……..NO regrets!!!!!

Image Enjoy Life…Live Happy…Live your Life…Live as if there is NO tomorrow…be proud of who you are…and most importantly, never give up on your dreams and ambitions!!!!!!!

Robin Robinson


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