Dare to…….

Dare to Dream……Dare to Believe……..Dare to Set and Achieve Goals!!!

No matter how big or small, no matter if it’s a short-term or long-term goal or something you’ve always dreamed of having or doing……take each day and work towards achieving it! Never let anyone or anything get you down or get in the way!!

imageWith a lot of hard work, with never giving up and by always staying positive and believing……..anything is possible!!!!  Soon, you could be on the open road  riding to your hearts desire to a destination unknown, unknown until you get there.


Hubby’s dream that came true…..#710 of 1901 numbered 2014 Indian Motorcycle.

This is what we will soon be doing when the weather warms up…..NEVER give up on your dream, who cares how long it takes, who cares what others think……this is your dream, NEVER stop believing you can do it…..NEVER give up!!Live life to the fullest, NO matter what obstacles try to get in the way!  Soon, you can be living your dream and riding off into the sunset……20131120_197


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