Well…..since November we have been able to ride Motorcycles here in our part of Montana with in-seasonal warm and dry weather! Until yesterday….

Today is even colder and very windy. There is another cold front and more snow on the way (if weatherman is correct). This morning I had to pull and pull to get my frozen car door open…..and now after 10 minutes of it warming up this is what my window looks like!!!

Hmmm…’s definitely still frozen!! :-). I do LOVE snow and winter time and we need the snow and moisture badly or we are going to have an extremely bad fire season again!!! However, I was getting spoiled with being able to enjoy our beautiful mountains from the back of our bike!!!

For now, I will smile, bundle up and go about my day!!! We will definitely have plenty of days to ride soon!! 🙂


The Crazy Mountains – January 27, 2014

Heading back home from Billings…..I snapped a few photos of “The Crazy Woman Mountains” as we are driving by.

It is amazing to see them out here in the middle of Prairie Land!!!! They are beautiful and I have managed to get some detail in the pictures I’ve taken with my phone but I cannot wait to look at the ones I took with my camera!!!!

The name Crazy Mountains is said to be a shortened form of the name “Crazy Woman Mountains” given them, in compliment to their original Crow name, after a woman who went insane and lived in them after her family was killed in the westward settlement movement.

Spanning a distance of 40 miles (64 km), the Crazy Mountains are located between the Musselshell and Yellowstone rivers. The highest peak is Crazy Peak at 11,214 feet (3,418 m). Rising over 7,000 feet (2,130 m) above the Great plains to the east, the Crazies dominate their surroundings and are plainly visible just north of Interstate 90.

The Crazy Mountains form an isolated island range east of the Continental Divide.

Due to the eastern location, these mountains are drier and less densely forested than other mountain ranges in Montana. There are at least 40 alpine lakes in the range, 15 of which are named. The Crazy Mountains sit in both Gallatin National Forest and Lewis and Clark National Forest. The Crazies support a healthy herd of mountain goats and the occasional elusive wolverine.

Our Saturday Ride in Billings, MT January 25, 2014

We had a wonderful ride Saturday. It started out just with just 4 of us and ended up with about 9 of us.

Had we known how nice the roads were going to be we would have brought our Indian to ride. Instead we borrowed a Harley and still loved every minute of it!! When we left home Friday morning Billings still had snow, it is after all January in Montana………however, by the time we got here late afternoon the snow was all melted and Saturday was sunny and in the 40’s!!!!

Aunt Carlene bought herself a new vest and chaps……the boys decided to help her!!! I, of course had to get a picture and boy was she grinning from ear to ear!!!

One of our stops was up above the city…..I bet it is beautiful in the spring/summer when everything is blooming and green!!!

What a wonderful ride we had, what great people we got to meet and I look forward to coming back and doing it again!! There is still so much to see and do and lots more people to ride with!!!! Next time, we will bring the Indian!!!

January 24, Billings, MT

We made it to the “”Big City” of Billings!!!! Now we are heading for our first destination…….the destination of looking at a 3 wheeled motorcycle for Aunt Carlene!!! She is SO excited…’s nice enough we might even get to go for a ride!!! 50+ degrees here, this is NOT normal Montana winter weather!!! Ever since we bought out Indian Motorcycle in November I swear the Motorcycle Gods are shining down upon us!! 🙂

Here is Aunt Carlene’s new ride!!!! Harley Davidson Road King!!!!





January 24, Butte MT

The big White Lady up on the Mountain………anytime you drive through Butte, MT you can’t help but see the statue high atop the Mountain overlooking Butte down below. Even at night they have her lit up for all to see……below is the story about her and 2 photos. The up close photo I got off of the internet but the far away picture I used my phone to take as we drove along I-90, if you look in the middle on top if the mountain you can see her!

Our Lady of the Rockies is a 90-foot (27 m) statue, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, that sits atop the Continental Divide overlooking Butte, Montana. It is the second tallest statue in the United States after The Statue of Liberty.

The statue was built by volunteers using donated materials to honor women everywhere, especially mothers. The base is 8,510 feet above sea level and 3,500 feet above the town. The statue is lit and visible at night.