Dogs vs. Humans

Dogs, they are a wonderful companion!! It is amazing how they have such loyalty and unconditional love!!!

No matter what your mood they are always there to greet you, they are eager for your attention.

Dogs have a great sense of when a human being is sad, upset or just in need of cheering up!! Often they will be at your side ready to give kisses and cheer you up!

Dogs are great at being a companion so that you are not alone. Dogs are a great friend who will always listen, never talk back and love you always.

When times get tough we humans tend to take it out on our 4 legged friends. We may yell, scream, ignore, be annoyed, and yes, even a bit abusive to our dogs in one way or another. Even though our attitude and behavior has nothing to do with them. A dog loves us anyways, they forgive us and they are still there for us with their unconditional love.

Dogs are great protectors! They have great eye sight, they hear things far away, they have a keen sense of other humans at first glance/first smell and they will protect us against anything. They have a fifth sense of sorts that we as humans cannot always detect. They are instant protectors of their human friends, their family!!

Dogs, we are quick to forgive. If they chew up a favorite shoe, if they tear open their bed and shred the stuffing all over the house, if they have an accident and go potty in the house, if they get into the garbage…….it doesn’t matter what they do we always forgive them. The dog may get into a lot of trouble and be in a time out for a bit but we always forgive them. Is this because they do not talk back, because they do not yell back and say hurtful things, is it because they keep coming back to us asking for forgiveness and to just pet and love them again?!?!

It may seem a bit silly but I wish we as human beings could let go and love so easily and unconditionally. Some dogs get beat, starved, greatly neglected and some eventually killed. However, they are still loving, forgiving and loyal protectors and often become the best dog you could ever wish for once in the right environment.

Dogs are kind-hearted, loving, loyal, protectors, forgiving and a part of the family. A dogs life to me sounds a bit like us humans, except that we tend to get hung up on things that have happened in the past, we forgive far less and we take too much of what happens personally and seriously!

Look at how happy dogs are by not holding grudges and loving everyone unconditionally. They forgive us no matter what we say or do to them or at them!!!

There are indeed similarities between dogs and humans.

In life, if more human beings could be more forgiving, loving and kind-hearted towards each other we would be a happier society, we would have more family unity and our children would have more positive examples to learn from.



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